Consulting Services

Mineral Services offers a wide range of consulting services in support of mineral exploration and evaluation. We provide particularly strong expertise and extensive experience in diamond exploration and evaluation but also offer services relevant to other commodities. The company has experience in exploration for and / or evaluation of uranium, copper, gold and rare earth element deposits.

Design of geochemical / heavy mineral sampling programs and geophysical surveys; geological mapping; data interpretation and prioritisation of exploration targets; geological logging and interpretation of drill cores or cuttings.

Geological modelling
Detailed geological logging of drill core and mining exposures combined with targeted petrographic studies are employed to develop robust geological models for exploration, evaluation and mine planning. Mineral Services specialises in the development of geological models of kimberlites and lamproites in support of resource estimation.

Mantle Mapper™

Mineral Services has developed a specialised, cost effective method for extracting and analysing indicator minerals from kimberlite samples. This has been successfully proven as a useful tool in kimberlite prioritisation and evaluation. The technique yields data valuable in determining diamond potential and the characteristics of the upper mantle sampled by kimberlite. For more details follow the link to Mantle Mapper™.

Microdiamond evaluation

All aspects of microdiamond assessment, specialising in advanced data interpretation and modelling techniques for maximising the grade and value information obtainable from diamond datasets. 

Evaluation of primary diamond deposits
A range of services are provided in support of kimberlite / lamproite evaluation, including the design and supervision of delineation and bulk sampling programmes, microdiamond and geochemical sampling exercises, statistical and geostatistical evaluation of results, resource estimates, risk assessment and resource classification.

Due diligence studies
Data reviews, technical audits and independent assessment of exploration and evaluation projects.

Technical courses

Standard or customised short courses on kimberlite geology, exploration and evaluation.