About Us

MS Engineering, acquired by the MS Group in 2008, historically focused on engineering products and services for the local and international film industry. The engineering workshop manufactured a variety of specialised equipment for film cameras and film sets.

These components of the business have been continued and expanded to include a range of general engineering capabilities such as CNC work, precision milling, welding (stainless steel, aluminum and steel), mechanical repairs and manufacturing. This activity supports and complements the drilling activities of Remote Drilling Services (RDS).

MS Engineering offers fully integrated CAD/CAM functionality (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) for the design of products and the control of the manufacturing processes.  

Through the investment of a large-diameter computerised lathe, MS Engineering now refurbishes drill rods and manufactures selected drilling consumables. The company conducts major overhauls to existing RDS drill rigs as well as conducting ongoing research and development of technical improvements to the drill rigs, trucks and other operational field equipment.