Proven Performance

RDS has a dedicated transport/supply support team and with its group-owned fleet of light aircraft available at MS Aviation, it is able to react quickly to any equipment required on a particular drill site thereby ensuring that down-time is kept to a minimum. The advantage of these configurations, together with the extensive experience of RDS field staff, allow for the implementation of drilling programmes in the most challenging of terrains.

RDS conducts inhouse modifications and technical innovations to its rigs and trucks through its sister company, MS Engineering. Significant improvements have been designed, engineered and implemented on both the Atlas Copco and Boart Longyear drill rigs. In addition, RDS recycles used drill rods by re-threading the rods using modern CNC lathes.

MS Engineering’s latest project has been to design and manufacture Safety Guards. This has significantlyimproved our safety compliance across the board and is quite unique.

Services in addition to drilling are offered through our sister company, Mineral Services Botswana. These include geological and geotechnical logging services, sampling, integration of geology with downhole geophysics and sampling results, geological modelling and resource estimation.

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