Risk Management

Remote Drilling, through its stringent risk management programme, has an excellent safety track record and has only had one minor lost time incident since its inception in 2006.  This has been achieved through the establishment of a reliable communications network, area specific evacuation procedures and a 24 hour safety officers and is well prepared for the inherent risks of operating in remote African locations.

RDS believes that managing risk is a culture in which people instinctively act in an intelligent safe way. That can only happen if the top and middle management of the company live, breathe and champion safe working practices all the time.

In addition, Remote Drilling Services undertakes to work safely and without risk to employees’ health.  It carries out appropriate hazard identification and risk assessments (“HIRAs”) and thereafter designs and implements appropriate measures to address any potential issues identified.

Consistent with this, RDS continues to:

* Seek to improve safety performance through training and awareness.
* Promote a culture of health and safety.
* Ensure that health and safety always takes priority in the event of a real or apparent safety related conflict with operations.
* Involve all employees in the improvement of health and safety performance.
* Identify, assess and manage risks to employees thus providing and maintaining a safe working environment
* Apply standards that reflect the company’s commitment to health and safety.
* Provide ongoing training and mentoring to ensure employees are given effective skills to lead and work safely.
* Provide all employees with appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment).
* Ensure that equipment is correctly designed, operated, maintained and interfaced to ensure that it is fit for purpose and that the performance standards remain intact.